Chinese Desk

The Chinese Desk, established in 2003 and representing one of the first teams dedicated to the Chinese market in Italy, has considerably developed along recent years following the increase in trade between the two countries.

The Desk, also in partnership with local Law Firms, offers constant assistance to Chinese companies in Europe, as well as to Italian and European companies intending to face the challenge of internationalization in the Chinese market.

The experience gained by the Desk has allowed the Firm to enjoy the trust of some Chinese institutions of primary importance, also receiving appreciated and important acknowledgments for its activities.

Our Chinese Desk employs a team of professionals with a consolidated knowledge and experience of the People’s Republic of China. The team’s members frequently fly to the Chinese major economic, financial and commercial centers (for example: Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong) to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences, always keeping in mind the legal and cultural features of the host country.

Thanks to our Desk, the Italian market is now more easily accessible to Chinese companies that intends to develop their commercial business in Italy.