International Desks

International Desks

The international vocation of the Firm and the need to offer a highly specialized, comprehensive and multidisciplinary services to Italian and foreign companies which have relationships with foreign markets have led to establish teams focused on specific geographical and commercial areas, with the purpose to offer integrated legal services.

To that end, since its foundation the Firm has created international desks, first of all the desk focused on the Spanish and Latin-American area, followed by the desks focused on the Asian markets (People’s Republic of China) and the Middle-east markets (Turkey).

Chinese Desk

The Chinese Desk, established in 2003 and representing one of the first teams dedicated to the Chinese market in Italy, has considerably developed along recent years following the increase in trade between the two countries.

Spanish and Latin-American desk

The Spanish and Latin-American desk has been established in our Firm over 30 years ago.

Turkish Desk

The Turkish Desk has been established in our Firm over 15 years ago, with the purpose to offer assistance and legal advice to Turkish companies and public institutions interested in investing and doing business in Italy.